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Rehoboth Beach
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Bethany Beach, DE

Bethany Beach, DE
June 2011

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun (and not so fun) Times!

I'm attempting to get all of the recent fun (and some NOT so!) times here, just so I don't forget my blessings.

We spent a great Thanksgiving day with friends in York and had the most amazing food, along with super company! We brought the apple chestnut stuffing, Conan's yummy mashed potatoes, and our family's favorite peanut butter chocolate ganache pie!!! We learned some good games, too (like Dutch blitz!).

On black Friday, we skipped the mall and instead took Emma to her amazing piano teacher's house to decorate a magnificent gingerbread house. This wonderful woman makes nearly a thousand houses to donate to a school she began in Brooklyn, NY, and also enough to give to all of her (MANY) quite fortunate piano students. Then the kids and I hopped in the car and drove the 6 hours to North Carolina to spend a few days with Renee', our mom (who was visiting), and cute niece! They had just moved in, minus brother in-law Ashley who was working his ridiculously long commuting job to Bulgaria... (talk about jet lag!) Anyway, he's home now for a few weeks- yeah! We had a fun filled weekend- it was beautiful and mainly we just laughed a whole bunch. After we made the trek home, braving D.C. and Baltimore traffic with gritted teeth and thankfully,Christmas music blaring, we waited and waited to find out if we are moving to a new place- thanks to mold growing in ours... ugh.

Meanwhile, Emma still suffering with unidentifiable stomach pains, which began while taking a strong antibiotic last month for bronchitis, came down with another awful bronchial infection. Our poor little girl has been suffering. She has missed 24 days of school so far this year... She has now experienced blood tests, chest x-rays, the ER, inhalers, and lots of medicine. That's been the not so fun part... She is finally back to school, as of yesterday, and is in good spirits again.

As of today, we are for sure moving, (like next week) which thought kind of makes my skin crawl, but (oh joy), to a beautiful home not too far away where we will stay put for a LONG time. There is always a silver lining... As I attempt not to give in to anxiety over it all, I remember that things always work out somehow, and continue to feel immense peace. It's so amazing to know that we are being watched over and looked out for. Especially in the darkest hours... At such a wonderful time of the year, I am humbled and grateful for the trials which always seem to turn around when we think we can't handle them another minute (and usher in the blessings...).

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  1. glad to hear emma is feeling better. how frustrating to be sick for so long. so what's the scoop with your new house? and after you painted the other one? (love the colors btw.) especially the robin's egg blue! seriously it covers in 1 coat? i am in the middle of painting graicie's room and i swear, i hate the 2 coat thing!! maybe i'll have to give it a try. we buy sherwinn williams that is the same price as the martha stewart so it won't be any extra money to try it out. (we get a steep discount on our paint there!) does it also have the primer built in?

    well, fun pictures of you and your cute family! hope your holiday season brings health and happiness!